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Last Wednesday morning I felt very hot, and desperate for a blowjob. I text my usual type, which often come to me shoot his cream sauce warm on the face, saying the word again, he can do 10. nudevista 15, I hope and text to activate it. While waiting, I navigate to another page, and suddenly asked him a message like this, if I am free this morning. Well, not one to say no, I replied yes, but only 10 Clock and 00th from 30 to 11 does not respond to a problem we can find, I sent him the address. 10. 15 and my usual programs comes up, enter in my computer room, where he drops his pants and lick quiicckly I have on my knees and suck his cock until it reaches its full 8 'or less. Grab my Fuck My head begins aaand mmoouth pushing more and more I almost vomit. I leave to breathe, he grabs his cock and puts Headd on my lips and starts masturbating hard tongue licking occasionally shoots out of the top. maone strong and gave herk shoots and hits my lips and cheeks, mmmmmmm good, I suck and lick his cock clean, clean and out quickly while you clean your cum on my face. 10. 30 arrives, I'm allowed to go to meet this new guy at the agreed place. I know the car you drive, and he knows what I'm going to go. He is there in time, we recognize each other and quickly get into your car and go nudevista to my about 2 minutes. comes Once inside, and back in my computer room, this type (must have been about 60/65, with gray hair and glasses may be) to undress and lay on my bed. I kneel beside her, to understand its tail, which is quite large, but has a very tight forskin so I can not expose the head. The straw slowly while licking his balls hanging in large and heavy. He complains strong, too strong, I'm sure he could hear next door. let my tongue along the axis of the large vein, cries nudevista and says, I'm going to shoot a heavy load. I feel his cock shrinking as fast as the placemy face near the tip and ran a straw. Then it happened! My God, never spray a rooster II've guts much better known, is everywhere in my face in my hair, chin, lips. There are a large group around the base of the tail and is still pumping. Finally use your tail, my face feels ass if I just poured into the sink. I et up and turn to tell you that I go to a towel to clean everything. His face lights up by itself, which seems damn nice to look in the mirror. I know how to do and see the face of the hair to the neck in thick creamy white sauce covered. When you return, already dressed and I 'll show you the door, you can say we have to do this again sometime, which I agree. I must say, by an older man who was sure of nudevista a big load of cum for me, but I always want more, try someone once? II'd laiiied love being with a guy my chest and straw straddle on my face as nudevista if I every drop of me. Get in touch ifDo you want to shoot your big load on my face. nudevista
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Samedi 26 mai 6 26 /05 /Mai 22:09

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